Temporary Resident Permit

There are a number of reasons that you may be denied entry to Canada:

  • Criminal Inadmissibility like DUI or DWI
  • Medical Inadmissibility
  • Non-Compliance

These are just a few of the reasons you might be denied entry. For most, it usually comes as a shock. Thousands of people cross the border into Canada on a daily basis, for some, it is a routine experience at the border. For others, they are faced with the harsh reality that an Officer at the border has determined they are inadmissible
Whether or not you are aware of your inadmissibility or whether you have never had an issue in the past before, being considered inadmissible to Canada is not something that you can escape or reattempt the next day. In situations such as these, there are basically two ways to overcome this inadmissibility; a Temporary Resident Permit or an Application for Criminal Rehabilitation.

Temporary Resident Permit (TRP), like its namesake, is a temporary document that will allow you entry into Canada for a limited amount of time. These are not to be confused with Temporary Resident Visas. One is a status document while the other is a Travel Document. The Temporary Resident Permit, a travel document, will allow you to travel to and enter Canada regardless of your inadmissibility.   The length of these permits is completely at the discretion of the Officer making a decision on your matter. Sometimes they can be granted for 3 years or others for just the day, depending on your reason for travel to Canada. 
When an Officer reviews your application, they will consider “need vs. risk.” This means that they will consider whether or not your need to enter Canada is sufficient or justifiable enough against the risk you might pose to Canada and Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents. In your application, you will need to strongly demonstrate:

  •  Remorse for your previous offense(s);
  • Your considerably changed moral character;
  • Your purpose or reason for seeking entry into Canada; and
  • That you would be considered a low risk traveller.