Spousal Sponsorship

Spousal immigration is an important aspect of Canadian immigration and thousands of people apply under this category every year. If you have a spouse who is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, he/she can sponsor you to immigrate to Canada under certain conditions. This is a useful program for those people who cannot qualify under the Federal Skilled Worker or the Canadian Experience Class. Moreover, the applicant doesn’t have to meet strict policies as it would have to meet under the skilled worker programs. However, the sponsor must meet the eligibility criteria to be able to sponsor the spouse.

Sponsor your spouse, partner or child: after you apply

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Sponsor your spouse, partner or child: after you apply 1. About the process 2. Check if you’re eligible 3. Who you can sponsor 4. How to apply 5. After you apply 6. Prepare for arrival On this page How we process your application Track and update your application How we process your application We’ll review your sponsorship application and return it to you