Significant Benefit Work Permit

Submitting an application to this program comes with few set requirements but with a long list of criteria you will need to demonstrate if you wish to increase your chances for success. This is an excellent work permit for entrepreneurs, artists investors alike as you will need to demonstrate how your “project” or “intended contribution to Canada” will be either socially, culturally or economically beneficial to Canada.

Your application will be assessed based on the merits of your project or intended goal and whether or not an officer is satisfied that your contribution to Canada is a worthy enough one to allow you the authorization to work in Canada.

You, of course, will need to work these goals outline in your application.

Akrami & Associates will guide you every step of the way with this. Contact us for more details.

If you intend on submitting your application without the support of a representative, there are a couple of factors you should keep in mind.

Significant Benefit Work Permit Requirements

The significant benefit work permit is a unique type of work permit that requires the applicant to demonstrate certain criteria that would be considered beneficial to Canadians. Unlike most other work permits, this type of work permit is considered Labour Market Opinion exempt provided that it can satisfy an officer that it meets the criteria.

This type of application is very document intensive and requires a great deal of preparation in advance. In order to be eligible for a significant benefit work permit, as the applicant, you must consider the following criteria and demonstrate that you would:

  • create or maintain significant social, cultural, or economic benefits or opportunities for Canadian citizens or permanent residents;
  • create or maintain reciprocal employment of Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada in other countries;
  • be engaged in work that is designated to be performed by a foreign national on the basis of the following criteria:
    • Work related to a research, educational or training program, or limited access to the Canadian labour market is necessary for reasons of public policy relating to the competitiveness of Canada’s academic institutions or economy;
    • is of a religious or charitable nature.

You will need to not only demonstrate examples of previous work completed and how this work will impact Canada, but also demonstrate your intended goals in Canada and how you plan to achieve them.

This action plan will be used to account for your time spent in Canada should you be successful in obtaining this work permit.

As the investor and entrepreneur category of permanent residence is currently closed, this type of application (though temporary) may be a viable solutions for those seeking entry into Canada based on their current business concepts and financial stability.

Again, this application requires know-how and understanding of applicable rules while anticipating what an officer will want to see in order to be satisfied that the criteria have been met.

It is highly recommended that you seek legal representation if you are considering a significant benefit work permit.