PR Card Renewal

If you have an expired PR card and left Canada for the following below reasons you may still be eligible to renew your PR card with Humanitarian and Compassionate Arguments:

  • Employment reason
  • Family Emergency

Of course there are other reasons which can be considered as well. The above two are mentioned as they are the main reasons many have to leave Canada and do not meet the residency requirements.

How we can help is apply for a PR card renewal with H&C arguments and inform the officer as to why you could not meet the residency requirements.

Many PR Card holders are forced to leave Canada as they were not able to find employment in Canada. Many find employment outside of Canada.

We can file a PR Card renewal and demonstrate that after several unsuccessful attempts in finding employment in Canada, you left Canada. However, your permanent residence is still Canada. That you still have significant ties to Canada and your intentions were always to return to Canada. The more ties you have to Canada the better.

Do I Need the PR Card to Enter Canada?

permanent resident does not need a PR card to travel to Canada if they are in a private vehicle. Of course, travel by private vehicle is pretty much limited to car travel across the US border. Permanent residents who present themselves to Canada Border Services (as they are now called) at a land border may or may not be asked questions about their residence history. If they are asked questions the officer may determine that the person is no longer a permanent resident if the officer believes that the necessary requirements are not met.

Individuals who hold a PR card are presumed to be permanent residents. Of course individuals who do not hold PR cards are presumed not to be permanent residents. Usually this means that a person arriving at a border in a private vehicle without a PR card is more likely to be asked questions that someone who crosses with a PR card. However, it does not make it automatic that a traveler will be questioned at all, beyond the standard routine questions that we all get asked.

Loss of permanent residence status is not automatic. It requires a determination by an officer. If no officer makes a decision that PR status is lost, then the person is still a permanent resident. This is very important for those persons who have an expired PR card and still wish to enter Canada.

Now, those who remain outside of Canada for too long risk being exposed to uncomfortable questioning, and losing their status as a result.

Making a proper presentation at the border is crucial. If this is not done, then you can risk losing your PR status!

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