NAFTA Work Permit

Canada has an increasing number of opportunities for skilled people and those who can adapt to the new environment. Due to the shortage of skilled labor in many professions, Canada has offered attractive options for people to either directly immigrate to Canada or to work in Canada, thus working for the growth of economy of the country. If you are looking to enter Canada for work, what you are going to need is a Canadian work visa permit. This permit allows you to work in Canada on full-time basis.

Although the Canadian visa office receives thousands of applications for Canadian work visa permits, not all candidates are awarded with one. Even the most qualified applicants are sometimes rejected. This is because of the strict visa policies. Indeed, Canada is in continuous search of skilled labor, but to frustrate fraudulent activities and suspicious endeavors, the applications have to go through a rigorous scrutiny, which may also require the applicant to be called for an interview with a visa representative.
People often submit their applications with an overconfidence. However, it needs to be properly understood that even the most qualified and experience workers have been denied of the Canadian work visa permit. The process needs careful planning and you need to make sure that all the required and true documents have been submitted to the visa office for assessment. Moreover, continuous communication is also needed as the office may request additional documents.

We Have Been Helping People with Canadian NAFTA Work Permit Needs

What we can do for you?  Our qualified and experienced representatives keep a vigilant eye over the changing policies and we try our best to find the best possible solution for our clients. Getting a Canadian work visa permit is not easy; however, by presenting a credible and complete case, we help clients increase their chances of getting a positive response from the Canadian visa office.

What Do You Need For The Work Visa?

Under the NAFTA, you must be:

  • A citizen of the US
  • Have an offer of job from a Canadian employer
  • At least have one year of experience in specific fields (see below)

Meeting the above requirements do not guarantee that you will be granted the Canadian work visa. Your employer also needs to submit a number of proofs and must go through a scrutiny process before he/she can sponsor you.