Live-in Caregiver Program

You must first try to hire a Canadian citizen or permanent resident in the available job. When you apply to Human Resources and Skills Development Canada for approval; to hire a foreign national, you will be asked to show what efforts you made in this regard. These are known as recruitment efforts.

If you have been unable to hire a Canadian or permanent resident, your next step is to apply to HRSDC for what is known as a Labour Market Opinion (LMO) or recently changed to Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). The LMIA process confirms that there is no Canadian worker available to do the position. If HRSDC issues you a positive LMO or LMIA, you are then authorized to hire a foreign national. 

Live-in Caregiver Program

You are responsible for finding a foreign Live-in Caregiver. To do so, you can use advertisements, personal contacts or hiring agencies.

When you have found a foreign live-in caregiver you wish to hire, then contact us.  Let us help you file a successful LMIA application with HRSDC. 

Provincial Variation To The Live-in Caregiver Application Process:

  • If the job is located in the province of Quebec then the employer must submit the copy of labor market opinion to the MICC in addition to the following documents:
    • Completed and signed self-declaration by the employer for temporary work
    • Receipts of fees paid by the employer to the government of Quebec for assessing the LMIA
    • Completed and signed application of certificate of acceptance for temporary workers by the TFW
    • Receipts of fees paid by the employer to the government of Quebec for assessing the acceptance certificate
    • Employment contract document which is signed and completed, this is required by MICC
  • If the job is located in the province of Manitoba then the employer must:
    • Submit an application for certificate of registration at the employment standards branch, business registration unit in Manitoba. This must be done before sending the Labor market opinion to the HRSDC.
  • If the job is located in the province of British Columbia then the employer must:
    • Register the foreign national or the employee in caregiver program with the domestic registry situated at the BC ministry of labor.
  •  If the job is located in the province of Nova Scotia then the employer must:
    • Use the licensed recruiter’s services, in case the employer uses a recruiter.
    • Must obtain a certificate of registration which is valid for 1 year from the labor standards in the particular province, in case of hiring a foreign national.

The Checklist An Employer Must Follow:

If your employer is hiring you as a live-in caregiver, your employer must follow these step by step checklist to make sure that he/she is submitting all required documents properly. This is to ensure that the application processing will not be delayed.

  1. The employer should agree to the requirements outlined in the program
  2. The employer should agree to give the wages and stated working conditions necessary for the employment in the particular province or territory
  3. The employer should undertake the required advertisement and recruiting efforts. Of course, if you hire Akrami & Associates, we will take care of the recruitment requirements for you!
  4. Necessary Labor market application forms
  5. Bedroom description for the live-in caregiver
  6. Canada revenue agency’s notice of assessment copy
  7. Advertisement copies
  8. Documents to proof the foreign national meets the requirements of a Live in Caregiver
  9. Documents that provide proof for one of the following conditions:
  • Age and parentage of children under 18 years like birth certificate copy, adoption certificate copy and etc.
  • Age of the senior above 65 years age like birth certificate copy, passport or any other identification card
  • Copy of medical disability certificate must be provided in case of disabled person or a physician note stating that the patient has disability

We can help you with all the documentation and we will ensure that you do not make any mistakes while submitting the documents along with the application. We will completely review your application along with the documents to make sure everything is in perfect place.