Humanitarian & Compassionate

H & C stands for Humanitarian and Compassionate Applications for Permanent Residency of Canada. This type of applications are for those people who have no legal status in Canada yet they do not want to leave Canada and want to stay here.

To apply for H&C application, you have to establish that you will suffer a life of extreme hardship if send to your home country.

Humanitarian and Compassionate Considerations

How Can a Person Qualify for Humanitarian & Compassionate Application?

H and C applications are for people without legal status and with no other option available to them. Some important factors for having a successful application under H & C grounds are:

  1. If you have family ties to Canada
  2. If you are employed in Canada although you are without a work permit
  3. If you are studying in Canada without a valid study permit
  4. If you are doing any kind of volunteering
  5. If you are upgraded your language skills
  6. If you are invested in Canada in the form of property and savings
  7. If you have social ties with Canada within your community